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LNG movable refilling trailer
LNG movable refilling trailer
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Product features

1. Economic advantage

  (1) Compared with other LNG mobile filling station

2Radiation quantity contrast

LNG filling station pipeline from the storage tank to submersible pump to refill the captain more than 10 meters, cause a large amount of LNG gasification, gas loss, economic loss, serious air pollution;

Mobile charging vehicle pipeline within 4 meters, the LPG gas loss amount decreased by 60%, reduced the customer gas radiation loss and air pollution.

2. The most advanced technology

(1) Filling volume after (52.6 m) : the common charging vehicle will be loaded with system in tank after warehouse, greatly limits the longitudinal dimension of tank, I developed the company system for mobile charging vehicle will be loaded in the bottom of tank, reasonable use a space, will tank filling quantity do best;

(2) Increasing the LNG liquid level difference, give full play to the function of the submerged pump, tank liquid residues decreases about 70%;

(3) Integration advantage: the mobile stations and liquid distribution in one, has played a "stand + transport" dual function;

(4) Fast precooling: LPG stations precooling need 5 minutes, mobile charging vehicle need only 1 minute;

(5) The manufacturing cost is low: filling compact system pipeline, pipeline, reduce the manufacturing and maintenance costs;

(6) A vehicle generator set: the product operation can be either an external power supply, also can use electricity; Can be in the emergency rescue or there is no external power supply conditions play a positive role.

3. Security advantage

  (1) Charging system Settings at the bottom of the tank, changes in the structure of safety coefficient is improved effectively;

  (2) The line set up overpressure relief pipe device, summary after tossing in gas heating radiation, avoid cold ground gathered;

  (3) Equipped with Beidou fixed-point liquid discharge monitoring and control system, implementation of dynamic monitoring for vehicles.

4. Operational advantages